Waste King VS Insinkerator – Which one is best?

Waste King VS Insinkerator

Garbage disposables have been quite significant, and for our essential needs, a range of garbage disposables are available in the market. But we all hunt for the best product having excellent quality, most exceptional features and ultimate utility for us. There are two most prominent brands in the disposable units, “Insinkerator” and “waste king” these days. If you are finding it hard to decide which one would be apt for you, have a look at the comparison study of Waste king vs. Insinkerator and determine after that.

Insinkerator Garbage Disposals

It is one of the oldest brands of garbage disposables established in 1927. John W was the brain behind inventing the machine that grinds the food waste effectively and doesn’t let your kitchen drainage system get blocked. At present, the Emerson Appliance Solutions has been in the business of modifying the product since 1958. It now presents two series of disposals named as Evolution and Badger series with distinct range and features.

Waste King Garbage Disposals

The waste king manufactured by Anaheim Manufacturing Group is slotted in the list of best disposals managing food waste very efficiently. Just like Insinkerator, the company offers two series of products, namely Bolt Mount System and EZ Mount System.

We guess the above introduction couldn’t resolve your dilemma of which one to pick amongst the two. Let us have a comparative study of every significant feature of the above two products with their pros and cons. This article is to guide you to pick the best one to avoid your hassles post-purchase.


Price is the factor that has a significant impact on the purchase, and often we compromise with our requirement and quality because of that only.

Waste King: This is reasonably priced despite extensive functionality and high-tech features when compared to other brands of the same category.

Insinkerator – It can be said about the prices of Insinkerator that it is aggressively priced. On comparing the prices, you will observe a high price lag between the two as the cost of Insinkerator is quite high.

Winner- We all would agree and prefer to buy products priced low if there is not much difference in the features and offerings of products. Waste king turns out to be overshadowing in this comparison being equally valid and rationally priced.

Power Chord

A product must have related accessories or attachments with it within the prices as spending more is not appreciated by any of us. The power chord is a concern for most of the buyers of garbage disposal. The added expense is stress for most of the buyers.

Waste King

Thankfully, the waste king has a pre-installed power chord in it.

Insinkerator- This brand will make you spend more on buying power chord as it doesn’t have an in-built power chord feature.

Winner- The winner in this section of comparison is undoubtedly Waste king.

Waste King and insinkerator

Electrical Power & Performance

As we know that the stronger the product is, the higher is its capability to manage the wastage. While scrutinizing the above feature in two renowned brands, you would not find a big difference in the two.

Waste King- The waste king features high-speed motor with 2600-2800 RPM range. Also, the waste king is installed with a permanent magnet type motor.

Insinkerator- Insinkerator has a slower motor that runs below 2000 RPM and has an induction type of engine.

Winner- It is hard to decide the winner in this section. We suggest you pick the one that solves your purpose and is expected to turn out to be more lucrative for your home.

Numerous grinding phases

It is vital to understand the abrasive aspects involved in the two kinds of the garbage disposal to be able to buy the right one.

Insinkerator – It is a high technology based garbage disposal of evolution series where the garbage gets shred inside the disposable unit. The new version presents multiple grinding stages that minimize the possibilities of large pieces of food particles getting stuck into the drainage system.

Waste King –It is a quick garbage disposal that crushes and squeezes the food into the smallest possible size with no multiple phases.

Winner- Winner in this section too is waste king as it is equally effective due to its high speed grinding phase.


Machines cannot be trusted completely; as a result, a warranty is important to know to avoid further expenditure on the repair.

Waste King – It offers a lifetime warranty over its disposers.

Insinkerator- It covers a maximum of 8 years of warranty.

Winner- It is quite evident in this case as customers would blindly go with products with a lifetime warranty.

Size and more grinding space

What would you chose- more grinding area or compact and handy garbage disposal? We will go with a small size.

Waste King- Its variants flourish more grinding space inside with a big size.

Insinkerator- It is comparatively more compact on being compared to Waste King Disposals. It has a fantastic feature of fitting under the space of your sink. Insinkerator Evolution is the ideal choice if the size is nagging you.

Winner- Insinkerator gets a clean sweep in this case because of its compact size. It also depends upon the size of your sink as well as personal preference.

Noise pollution

Machines rarely work silently; let’s find out about how to do this work-

Waste King- All the variants of this kind of disposal emits sound while grinding which is not too annoying to bear.

Insinkerator- It is, on the other hand, quite a peace-loving kind of disposal, not making noise at all.

Winner- Insinkerator wins emphatically in this comparison.

The material used in the making

Insinkerator garbage disposals- These are made from better quality fabric. Also, the Insinkerators have an alarming metallic mounting flange. Insinkerator has a more durable frame than other kinds of disposals.

Waste King – This, on the other hand, is made from plastics. The disposals are produced with plastic along with mounting flange neck.

Winner- Insinkerator wins over the waste king in this section due to better and durable quality material.

Final recount- In the above comparison of waste king vs. Insinkerator, Waste king wins in seven comparative studies in contrast to Insinkerator that got an edge over the waste king in only three analytical studies.

Pros and Cons of Waste King Disposals

The biggest advantage of waste king disposal is its affordability and lifetime warranty. But the giant size makes it difficult to install, and there is an irritating noise caused by it.

Pros and Cons of Insinkerator

Insinkerator too has advantages to its credit like lesser noise pollution, compact feature and fine grinding. Whereas, the lesser warranty period of eight years in comparison to the waste king and slow motor reduces the impact of its many advantages.

Final Verdict

Waste King Disposals are cheaper than Insinkerator disposals and thus become the choice of many folks. Waste King promises to be great disposal with the high-speed motor, more warranty, etc. and is for folks with a low budget. In the above comparison, the two disposals have a fierce battle, and both are proving to be better in one or the other category. Both are highly beneficial, but if you have a higher budget, opt for an InSinkErator.

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